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a really enlightening article on a question I 8767 ve wrestled with for years. I recently read an article on the 8775 anti semetic 8776 website Veterans Today where this definition popped out on me.
8775 If the term (anti semitism) is utilized to describe one who is motivated by racial bigotry, hatred, and doctrines linking morally and politically repugnant behavior to genetic and biological determinism, the answer ( to the question are you anti semetic) is an unequivocal “No.”

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Third, Jews are notoriously obnoxious about money. They demand more and more, they complain they 8767 re being shorted when you 8767 re generous with them. Nobody likes that.

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Fact is they stole the Kabbalah and hid it, and then created a religion of false ideology from this peace loving spiritual truth. They are in judgment because of it and until they tell the truth about the Kabbalah and that is not theirs it belongs to everyone taking responsibility for their misdeed, it is what it is.

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I know all this, and so much more unfortunately, from 55 years of direct experience because they are unfortunately a major population where I live, and have driven out the non-Jews and are taking over our institutions and moving into our old neighborhoods.

A knowledgeable observer of the Middle East cannot avoid the impression that the region is a volcano and that the lava is radical Islam, an ideology whose various incarnations are now shaping this part of the world. Israel is a tiny village on the slopes of the volcano. Hamas is the local representative of radical Islam and is openly dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish minority enclave in Israel, just as Hezbollah is the dominant representative of radical Islam in Lebanon, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and so forth.

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. you are NOT a peaceful people, STOP playing the victim! And accept and be responsible for your gross conduct and behaviour which you have brought upon this world! Grow up! Get over the past . Holocaust and move on!!!

One thing I 8767 ve noticed is always that there are plenty of myths regarding the finance institutions intentions any time talking about foreclosure. One fairy tale in particular would be the fact the bank desires your house. The financial institution wants your money, not your own home. They want the amount of money they loaned you together with interest. Keeping away from the bank will only draw the foreclosed realization. Thanks for your article.

When Hitler and the Nazis came to power in 6988, they instituted a series of measures aimed at persecuting Germany’s Jewish citizens. By late 6988, Jews were banned from most public places in Germany. During the war, the Nazis’ anti-Jewish campaigns increased in scale and ferocity. In the invasion and occupation of Poland, German troops shot thousands of Polish Jews, confined many to ghettoes where they starved to death and began sending others to death camps in various parts of Poland, where they were either killed immediately or forced into slave labor. In 6996, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Nazi death squads machine-gunned tens of thousands of Jews in the western regions of Soviet Russia.

There are nice Jews, there are evil Jews. There are loyal Jews, there are disloyal Jews. Their are rich Jews, there are poor Jews.
Like any other people.

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