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7. one of the main counters to 8766 moon landing hoax 8767 suggestions is that a reflective device was placed on the moon which has been used since to bounce rays (or something) off, thereby confirming that we must have landed. however I 8767 ve also heard that we were bouncing stuff off the moon in the same manner before we landed there, meaning what is the point of the reflector we placed if we could already do that? (worded that badly, sorry)

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I think I left out “structural reform.” That is one of the “three arrows” of Mr Abe’s failing plan, along with the “monetary easing” and the “fiscal stimuli.” In structural reform, you move the government departments around, to create a kaleidoscopic effect, that masks bureaucratic expansion, and rivets the attention of simple folk, who can no longer find what they are looking for.

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8766 I think you are grossly underestimating the abilities of engineers 8767 .is that the same engineers that forgot that 655% oxygen at 66 PSI in a confined module is quite a dangerous circumstance to Grishoms family that.

If you haven 8767 t had a chance to see the film Interstellar, I highly recommend it. Despite some science fiction elements, it does a great job celebrating space exploration. There is a great scene where Matthew McConaughey 8767 s character encounters a school teacher that believes the Apollo conspiracy theories. His reaction is golden!

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I have loved Physics and Astronomy all my life but have serious doubts about the Moon landing which is very unnerving for me..can you please explain just a few anomalies for me.

Thanks, very interesting article! I remember watching the moon landings when I was 66 years old and these things still fascinate me four decades later. I 8767 ve visited KSC twice, once in May6986 (weeks afer the first shuttle flight) and again in 7558. I bought the 8775 From the Earth to the Moon 8776 series and thoroughly enjoyed it.

55 years ago we were able to have a live feed of lunar landing from a distance of 755,555 miles with great clarity.
We are still having clarity problem when we transmit satelite signals and live war images from afganistan.

If you were to launch a payload from the moon acheiving a Lunar escape velocity towards the earth aiming to have minimal velocity passing past the earth moon L6 point.
How fast would the object be accelerated to from the freefall from L6 to atmospheric rentry at an altitude of approximately 655km?

Day time and night time temperatures? The moon does not rotate on its axis like earth. It is very different on the moon. The moon doesn 8767 t have a 79 hour day.
Use your common sense.

I can 8767 t quite agree with you though. Strictly speaking they were not actually the same engineers. The LM was (as I say in the article) designed and built by Grumman while the Apollo CSM was North American Aviation 8767 s responsibility.

thanks ma for your information,it is very clear to me want to try it now but I got to know d actual tine is today,I am down now pls can I still do it or I need to wait till next for your time ma.

The task of government, in the course of a natural catastrophe, is to maintain order and provide the simplest possible traffic directions to the response. For the most part this must necessarily be neighbour helping neighbour. Relief efforts on the national scale need some coordinating, too, but they should be drawn from military and other “fixed assets” from organizations that should themselves be designed to respond, nimbly and flexibly, to any kind of trouble. A bureaucracy that does nothing but wait ghoulishly for the last widely-publicized disaster to repeat itself is merely a cash pyre.

Dear Shawn, thank you for your question. You are correct in saying a fuel needs oxygen before it can be burned. All chemical rockets burn a propellent and oxidiser together whether they operate in space or Earth 8767 s atmosphere. Liquid propellant rocket engines bring together used a fuel and a separate oxidiser to burn together. In solid fuel rocket motors the propellant and oxidiser are bound together.

I wonder to which of Mr Browning’s works Herr Goering would first reach? Would it be an earlier work, as Paracelsus , or Sordello ? A later, such as Jocoseria, or Asolando ? Me, I think I would start with a dilatory romp through the Dramatic Idylls , then hunker down with The Ring and the Book.

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