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I love what i read , thats how i feel i hope that i could pray for the right things, sometimes i feel that god dosn't hear ask for god to forgive me and help me make the right choses in my life. I want to do right by god.

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I thank God so much for sending me here to this site. I have a new outlook now that was desperatly needed. I have focused everything on me instead of the lord. I appreciate you very much Rabbi

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Oliver I have done so much research into intrusive thoughts and nearly everyone has some kind of wierd thoughts every now and then but they take no notice or just laugh it off. Us sensitive types just worry about the meaning of them. Mine started after a death in my family and ever since then I have become obsessed with my family and responsibility. I am sure there is a cause of yours. Try to have a good christmas and try not to worry and obsess. But if you find yourself worrying, rest assured you are not alone.

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Wow this was an excellent article to read. Now 65 mos since my breakup with mr. right/turned out to be mr. Noncommitt. I spend less and less time thinking about him now then I did..It hurt for a long time never thought before about ending my life, but after he broke it off i did I 8767 m ok now and I truly liked Rinetta way of forgiving and releasing I know I deserve better than he could have ever given me but when it was good it was GOOD!
I am now dating a new guy, and I pray that I truly give him a chance. He is the opposite of my ex and I truly know he is showing me and meeting all my needs. I like being a part of this website. Love after 95 is a difficult road.

Freedom is taken away from all of us in some way or another. I feel that there is only ONE GOD. We just all have our own view of HIM. The day will come when we will know! It is what it is and I don 8767 t begrudge anyone their beliefs.

Heading to England tomorrow. I will be in Bedford next Monday through Friday. Would like to get on the base but I have not found any info on how to get permission. Please let me know if anybody has contact info. I was at RAF Chicksands from Nov 6985 through Dec of 6987. I was a 758 on Able Flight.

Was stationed at Chicksands from Dec 6968-Dec 6966.. Was part of te 7667th Comm Sq.. Wold like to get in touch with Rick Thompson -Rich Kirsch - Ron Boyles - Pat Gagne - George Sisson or any of the guys who were on shift with us.

Hi Lisa Copas and Kirby was at Chix from '75-'77 and have just recently seen your posts here. I went to school with both of you. Unfortunately, I visited Chicksands on vacation recently and got a special pass (thank you Roger Ward) to go on base and was sorry to see our elementary and jr high school is gone and replaced by a local governmental center And the soccer pitch is covered in trees and flower beds. But the footpath to Shefford is still there where we used to walk into town and buy killer chocolates and baseball field is covered by a parking lot. Let me know and I'll pass on my picturesl

I dont know if I am supposed to ask for reassurance that they will go, or what, as this is the one big fear that I have had since the beginning and that keeps me getting upset and cant shake this fear off. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this or spoke to someone who has reassured themm over this as my CBT lady is so hard and refuses to answer this question.

for me, the second couple which made by the writer always catch more attention for me. i personally didn't like Yoo captain and Kang doctor couple. i was so into and Myeong-joo love story. and now it's happening twice for Eun-sook writernim. Grim Reaper-Sunny are perfect character. they are also perfectly match together. i hope their story would be more intense because i really love this couple! ?

People cannot help when an improper impulse comes to mind, but they certainly can stop themselves from harboring the thought and allowing it to dominate their thinking. Yet, sometimes one may be responsible even for the impulse itself.

Yeah I bought self-help for your nerves a while back. Amazing book. Wish she was still alive and I could go see her! So amazing how well she understood the condition, it 8767 s almost like she had a 6th sense.

I want you to know whatever you are thinking, it 8767 s not real. We think in the past and in the future, neither of is actually the present moment. So, try to think of a positive spin on the scary thoughts. I finished the Midwest program just recently and they talk about staying IN the present moment. Don 8767 t fall into the past thinking or future thinking.

Sounds to me like you 8767 re saying thst people come herd because of the freedoms we have, well they weren 8767 t really free. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have put their lives of the line and perished for the freedomes we have today, the pledge is a way to show your respect to these people who died FOR YOU. If you don 8767 t want to say the pledge that 8767 s fine, but in my opinion those who dont or wont, dont deserve the freedoms those men and women fought for and are still fighting for, you really should show respect for the country thats keeping you safe and free no matter if your an American or not.

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