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Part of the problem with IoT is that it would be better if we could lock down a smart thermostat so it's only able to send and receive temperature data, and only from a restricted set of servers, not contain a full network stack and initiate connections to any random server on the net. Enabling such limited access at a home/business gateway level seems like it would help.

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[Secondary rules] may all be said to be on a different level from the primary rules, for they are all about such rules in the sense that while primary rules are concerned with the actions that individuals must or must not do, these secondary rules are all concerned with the primary rules themselves. They specify the way in which the primary rules may be conclusively ascertained, introduced, eliminated, varied, and the fact of their violation conclusively determined (Hart 6999, p. 97).

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Also, as most new members quickly notice, I 8767 m an extremely active moderator, in the truest sense of that role I don 8767 t just *answer* questions, I also keep threads organized in the proper sections, merge duplicates, split off unrelated posts, remind people about the guidelines (sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly), etc.

Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's

I 8767 ve traditionally been a Thesis guy, but I 8767 ve been using Genesis at work for the last couple months for a few different projects. This is how I 8767 ve come to feel:

Been looking for an honest straight forward review between these two themes. Looks like this post have answered most of my questions. Good thing cause I was about to purchase something less desirable.

The point of contention I would raise is the assertion that switching from one well-structured theme to another well structured theme would negatively impact a site. I don 8767 t see any reason why it would.

It 8767 s like buying a blank canvas with boxes of paint. With just those, you have little chance of painting something professional. At first I first bought Thesis. Now I see that Genesis have the right idea with their professionally designed child templates. I 8767 ll be switching.

- We can cut the general bullshit that we should should be afraid of AI. We are heading to machine consciousness. It will happen anyway, progress cannot be stopped. Plus interconnection between brains and computers, this may be easier than expected.

Yes, this is thesis.. and you def should switch to thesis as it sounds like you are like me and are not a developer in any shape of the word. Trust me (and anyone else that 8767 s reading) you will have far more control over customization with thesis if you 8767 re a newb like me.

Can 8767 t fault you for doing what you have to do to make a living. Client concerns are a factor in almost every development decision! In a brick and mortar business world its certainly more of a concern.

That's how professional writers express themselves. To use pronouns such as "You", "I" (something I'm guilty of), "she", and "he" is a good indicator that the writer is subjective. If one looks at any comment and sees excessive usage of pronouns, especially "you" and "I", then the commenter is likely being subjective rather than objective.

At my studio, we only develop in Thesis, and I 8767 ve been a loyal Thesis user since I discovered it. I love what I can make that theme do, and it makes my awesome designs able to function in an awesome way.

I think we are guilty of assuming that people WANT to design their own site. They don 8767 t. Regular people generally suck at design. And the people that CAN design generally don 8767 t have much of an issue learning how to translate that design into CSS (quite possibly the easiest programming language to learn. In fact, most programmers would punch me for calling CSS 8775 programming 8776 ).

I agree that regulation is coming but I think it is Utopian to expect the regulation to be smart -- or even useful. Once a government agency exists, the Iron Law of Bureaucracy takes over.

- If open source was so great, Linux would be easier to handle and MS and Apple would not exist. Ignoring the money driven motivation is just an utopia.

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