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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 20:48

Maybe the robots, being hardworking, are the ones who deserve l'amour. The humans, who screwed it all up in the first place, are going to have to work a little harder for love, sweet love.

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Space exploration entails research and development on multifarious fronts, all of which require monetary investment and a period of trial and error in innovation before any outcome, whether positive or otherwise, can manifest. An example is R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. The cost may be fairly high, but if any discoveries that benefit mankind directly or via a spillover effect are made, the advantages will be vast.

Mars Might Not Be The Potato Utopia We Hoped - Gizmodo

So how exactly can you praise Toy Story but denigrate Cars? Both of them feature inanimate objects as sentient beings, whether it 8767 s a car or a toy cowboy makes no difference.

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Currently, aardvarks seem to be doing alright for themselves. They are found throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, barring the hottest and driest parts. However, as climate change progresses, the areas that aardvarks live in are predicted to get hotter and drier , with longer and more frequent droughts. Considering aardvarks’ avoidance of toasty, desert regions, the coming climatic shift is more than a little ominous for the species. A team of South African scientists studying the physiological flexibility of aardvarks received a glimpse into how this scenario could play out by tracking the body temperatures and movements of aardvarks during a brutally hot and dry summer—conditions that closely replicate Africa’s predicted future climate.

Oh please. Like social inequality and bigotry didn 8767 t exist in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas before European contact. Imperialism is terrible, but it isn 8767 t the monolithic root of all humanity 8767 s ills. Selfishness and tribalism are way more ingrained in our biology than you suggest.

Am I the only one who 8767 s noticed that the central conflict in all Pixar feature films is always resolved via fist fight? Except in those cases where fists don 8767 t apply, such as Cars, where fenders are used instead. Let me think about this Toys=fight with evil toys. Cars=fight/race thing with evil cars. Up=fight with evil explorer and his dogs. Wall-E=fight with evil co-pilot. Monsters=fight with monsters. Why the hell did Up have to degenerate into a fist fight? It started out so promising. The Incrdibles had lots of fighting, but it was a superhero flick after all so no complaints there. You 8767 d think the

My guest today on the podcast has written a book highlighting what the latest medical research says about the dangers of chronic sitting and how you can undo its damage. His name is Dr. Kelly Starrett. He 8767 s the owner of MobilityWod and the author of the book  Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World.  Today on the show, Kelly and I discuss what happens to your body when you sit too much, how sitting is getting in the way of your athletic goals, and what you can do to undo the damage of sitting. Lots of actionable ideas to take away from this podcast, so take note!

Don 8767 t forget that as a generation ages it also develops reason. We don 8767 t have to draw on childhood movies alone for experience. It 8767 s experience and reason that shape the policy of the future, not Finding Nemo.

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