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6. The group sits in a circle.
7. The leader starts by rubbing their hands together. The person to the right does the same, the person to the right, and so on until everyone is doing the action.
8. When all are rubing their hands, the leader starts a new sound, finger snapping , then hand clapping , next slapping thighs , try foot stomping.
9. To END the storm, reverse the actions. At the end, the group, one by one stops rubbing hands and sits and waits for action to be completed by the group.

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In the lobby of the Anne Dean Turk Center for the Arts there is an exhibition of his work called The Last Picture Show. It runs through October 6. Admission is free and it&rsquo s open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.

Clouds, isolated rain forecast all over on Tuesday

BUILD ON A RAIN-WORD (For older children)
6. Choose a long word that is related to the rain (umbrella, for example) and have each player write it in the center of a piece of paper.
7. Allow two minutes to build up as many other words as they can from the basic word. (Add to letters like in scrabble)
8. All the new words must in some way be related to the first word.
9. The player with the most words wins.

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Have a TREASURE HUNT and hide the treasure in a POT OF GOLD &ndash to be shared by everyone once all the &lsquo rainbow themed clues&rsquo have been found.

We see rainbows during rain showers when the sun is shining on raindrops. Rainbows appear in the part of the sky that is opposite of the sun. The closer we are to the rainbow-the brighter it appears, Rainbow colors are always the same in order: Violet, Dark Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Everyone who looks at a rainbow sees it differently.

9" paper plate
7 squares of tissue paper in each color: pink, peach, light yellow, lime, light blue and lavender
6 cotton balls
Christmas tree icicles
Fishing line or yarn
Needle or hole punch

#6 (Heavy-Duty)
6. Hammer nails into Heavy cardboard mailing tubes 6/8" apart, using the spiral seam of the cardboard.
7. Add several handfuls of assorted filler material (rice, beans, etc)
8. Seal each end of the tube securely with tape.
9. Decorate your stick with raffia, ribbon, adhesive-backed shelf paper, wrapping paper or a jungle print or decorations.

6. To create an indoor rainbow fill a glass pan with water and place a mirror in the water so that it is leaning against the edge of the pan.
7. Completely darken the room and shine a flashlight on the mirror.
8. Carefully adjust the angle of the light until a rainbow is reflected on a wall or the ceiling.
9. You can then give children with paper and art supplies to copy
the order of the colors of the rainbow.

By then, with the national result also clarified, it will become clear whether any of the local parties will play a pivotal role in the next Parliament.

6. Make CLOUDS on gray paper & cut them out.
7. Make RAINDROPS on blue paper and attach them to the clouds with string/yarn--- so the raindrops are falling from the cloud.
8. Punch a hole in the cloud and tie a string to attach to then ceiling---or leave as is--to put up on wall.

We told you about Freddie Mae's Soul Food on MLK in Tyler now we're giving you a look inside so you can see what is offered and the friendly folks behind it all, too.

Sing/Say and Finger Play or Act out children learn the poems consider having them choose one and illustrate it.

Provide materials for the dramatic play area in which the children are able to be weather anchors!
Some suggestions include:

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