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Don 8767 t get me wrong, I do believe that we need to ensure that all of the kids we teach do the best they can. But somewhere many school leaders have forgotten the most important thing.

The Underclass Theory of Crime | ReviseSociology

In this Advanced Schizophrenia webinar, we look at how to tackle some of the difficult questions/topics that you might encounter by exploring the three sample assessment papers.

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No Fear Shakespeare: Shakespeare's plays plus a modern

The modern world presents us with many opportunities and possibilities, but it is also fraught with high-consequence risks, most notably the damaging impact of our high-consumption lifestyle on the environment.

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- Develop pupils' enquiry skills and help them become motivated and curious to learn about the past with purposeful and engaging enquiries and a focus on individuals' lives.

Deliver engaging, enquiry-driven lessons and help pupils gain a coherent chronological understanding of and across periods studied with this complete offering for Key Stage 8 History. Designed for the 7569 National Curriculum this supportive learning package makes history fun and inspiring to learn.

Making Sense of History consists of four Pupil's Books with accompanying Dynamic Learning Teaching and Learning resources. Structured around big picture overviews and in-depth enquiries on different topics, the course develops pupils understanding of history and their ability to ask and explore valid historical questions about the past.

- Provide students with the opportunity to analyse and evaluate works of real history, with specially commissioned historians' essays and extracts from academic works on the historical interpretations

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