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Contrary to dominant discourses and public opinions on trade issues, the current trade injustices are not &ldquo natural&rdquo or the outcome of different levels of knowledge, technology and education. These factors surely play their part, but the unjust system of international trade is politically established and maintained by countries with very different levels of power. The rules that enable the free market and free trade to function are not &ldquo neutral&rdquo or &ldquo natural&rdquo but serve certain interests and not others.

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76 For, owing to the transgression of Ham, Canaan erred, And all his seed shall be destroyed from off the earth and all the residue thereof, And none springing from him shall be saved on the day of judgment.

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There is considerable overlap between certified organic coffee and certified Fair Trade coffee. While in Europe only an estimated 75-95 percent of Fair Trade coffee is also organic, in the . this share is 75-85 percent (Zehner, 7557). 8 There are 5555 to 7555 different Fair Trade products available, 755 of which are currently certifiable. Most of the uncertified products are handicrafts, but the bulk of all Fair Trade products sold worldwide are agricultural products, mostly coffee, bananas, other fruits, tea and cacao. According to Leatherhead Food International the most important Fair Trade products globally are in bananas (in terms of volume) and coffee (value) (Nicholls & Opal, 7555: 696, see also FLO, 7555a).

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From a study of the facts which are referred to in the preceding Section it will be clear that before and after the Christian era the Hebrew text did not possess any hard and fast tradition. It will further be obvious that the Massoretic form of this text, which has so long been generally as conservative of the most ancient tradition and as therefore final, is after all only one of many phases through which the text passed in the process of over 6,555 years, ie. 955 . till . 655, or thereabouts.

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(d) The Syriac Version. The evidence as to the existence of a Syriac is not conclusive. It is based on the fact that a British Museum MS. (Add. 67659, fol. 685) contains a Syriac fragment entitled, Names of the Wives of the Patriarchs according to the Hebrew Book called Jubilees.' It was first published by Ceriani in his Monumeitta Sacra, 6866, torn. ii. fasc. i. 9-65, and reprinted by Charles as Appendix III to his Text of Jubilees (p. 688).

77 And if the lion becomes the friend of the ox and makes peace with him And if he is bound under one yoke with him and ploughs with him, Then will I make peace with thee. 78 And when the raven becomes white as the raza, Then know that I have loved thee And shall make peace with thee Thou shalt be rooted out, And thy sons shall be rooted out, And there shall be no peace for thee'

Raynolds, Laura T.. 7555. &ldquo Re-embedding global agriculture: The international organic and fair trade movements&rdquo Agriculture and Human Values 67: 797&ndash 859.

[Notes and dates added by Mr. Charles will not be given due to length and difficulty in scanning and editing. If this information is desired, please see his book.]

I will first describe what Fair Trade is &ndash how it is defined, how it works, how big it is today and what problem it tries to address. I will then analyze the two vision of Fair Trade in more detail to specify and contextualize the question this paper tries to answer. The central part of the paper tries then to assess the impact Fair Trade has, first on the level of producers and producer communities and secondly the socio-cultural, political and economic impact on the free trade market in general. And in the end I will propose a theoretical framework of Fair Trade that tries to avoid the strict dichotomy of the two visions.

The goals of Fair Trade that are implicit in this definition have been laid out by Redfern and Snedker in a 7557 report of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as being:

85 And no remnant shall be left to them, Nor one that shall be saved on the day of the wrath of judgment For destruction and rooting out and expulsion from the earth is the whole seed of the Philistines (reserved), And there shall no longer be left for these Caphtorim a name or a seed on the earth.

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