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If you 8767 re a developer, and this section actually applies to you, you probably know what hooks and filters are and how they work, so I 8767 ll leave that part out. I think its sufficient to say that both frameworks offer enough hooks and filters to do just about whatever you want in terms of controlling your site 8767 s content.

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When you can effectively move back and forth between what you are reading and what you are thinking, you bring what you think to bear upon what you read and what you read to bear upon what you think. You are able to change your thinking when the logic of what you read is an improvement on what you think. And you are able to withhold accepting new ideas when you cannot reconcile them with your own. You realize that you may be wrong in some of your beliefs.

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Outstanding writeup! I have 8 blogs/sites and currently use Brian Gardner 8767 s on 9 and Chris Pearson 8767 s Thesis on 9 so I 8767 m completely familiar with each. In a perfect world, I could get everything I need for AlL of my sites from ONE theme but, as it is, certain niches seem to fit with certain themes better than others.

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I currently am running a blog ( http:// ). I started out the blog using a heavily edited theme, because I wasn 8767 t ready to pay for a premium theme. However, after writing content for the blog for a few months, I 8767 ve realized that its time for me to go to the next step. I would like to do that by placing ads on my blog, as well as start promoting my content more. Problem is, with the current state of code, it would take me really long to get all those things sorted out (as I don 8767 t have much background in coding).

Aylmer obsesses about the birthmark. For him, it symbolizes mortality and sin and comes to tower over Georgiana&rsquo s beauty in his mind. He can think of nothing else. One night she reminds him of a dream he had. He spoke in his sleep, saying they must take out her heart. Aylmer remembers dreaming that he had removed the birthmark with a knife, plunging down until he had reached his wife&rsquo s heart, which he decided to cut out. Georgiana says that she will risk her life to have the birthmark erased. Thrilled, Aylmer agrees to try. He professes complete confidence in his own abilities, likening himself to Pygmalion. He kisses his wife&rsquo s unmarked cheek.

Reviews of Genesis seem to assert that it already flows with them quite nicely. The only hesitation I am having is that I do not want to shell out another $65+ to discover that, yet again, I have to spend time doing web design instead of content-creation (the fear I earned while spending the last few weeks wrestling to make my Thesis site look like it did under Thesis .)

I am a new blogger, i want to apply thesis framework and thesis theme on my blog, but searching a lot place, i am not able to understand the difference between thesis theme and thesis framework,

Well the last comment is more of a compliment for Thesis. Genesis child themes get you something to start with, but Thesis gives you unmatched typography and a blank canvas with unlimited flexibility and scope for your creative juices to flow.

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