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Also there was scope for discussing decentralization of HES, and making it more inclusive. Taking HES to rural areas is one area where government should think loud.

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The indiscriminate use of mineral resources has led to many other environmental problems. The ecosystem has been disturbed and the human beings being at the top of the food chain has given a scant thought about the deteriorating ecosystem. The accumulation of pesticides in the food chain has led to extinction of many species of birds. Anthropogenic activities like introduction of exotic species in a different habitat have eliminated many indigenous flora and fauna.
Farming of single species of rice etc has reduced diversity and has led to extinction of indigenous fauna and reduced capability to cope up with diseases and insects. These anthropogenic activities are leading to loss of biodiversity for our future generation.

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It is a good essay, but could have been an excellent one if you had organized your thoughts well and structured it accordingly. Also, more emphasis is given on 8766 economic 8767 aspects.

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Revolutionary naxalite movement started in India in 6975s from Naxalbari in West bengal. Though the movement has spreaded to more 755 districts of India since then but its modus operandi has changed from mass mobilization to adventurism of few individuals. In early years of revolutionary movement, it attracted the support of urban middle class and intelligentsia leading to exodus of best brain of their time. But over a period of time, it support base has restricted to rural or tribal class.
Revolutionary movement

8775 will be expected to keep  closely  to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion , and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression. 8776

hello Lakshmi,you have very well summarised the contemporary issues and problems in turn pointing out flaws in the governance,lack of accountability on the part of government,immediate need of electoral reforms,policy paralysis..etc but these all can be attributed to just an inefficient government,democracy as a system of governance ,no where seemed to have taken any blow or any of its ills pointed out the purpose of social movements and the imperative of refraining from a revolutionary approach could have been given more space.
I am trying to think like an examiner,just started,learning is on !
Thank you.

Support of underworld and criminals and candidates having pending criminal cases has led to criminalization of politics. Use of criminals to get even and remove competition in election is widely used by political parties. According to a survey, almost one third of the sitting MPs have criminal cases pending against them. It’s a shame that with a population of one billion we are unable to produce 557 honest candidates.

The consumption of non-veg food is much more than in developing countries. Non-veg food though a rich source of protein should be discouraged as it takes many times more resources to produce same amount of meat as vegetarian products. This food can be used to feed the poor and malnourished in poor countries. But such an arrangement seems improbable and is much sought for.

In the introduction, it is evident that you have inferred from the topic of the essay that 8766 post 6995 paradoxes 8767 refer to political developments as a result of LPG reforms. But it is a wrong inference.

Some have indicated that, provocative clothing on part of women has led men on. This seems a flawed argument. Women in developed countries wear much more scanty clothes than in India. But cases in such countries are nowhere as compared to India. Also, cases of of women in non provocative clothing have been recorded. Infact, in most of the cases, the victims were properly dressed.

Revolutions had their advantages at their times. They were taken up at a time when the common man did not had any say in the administration of the government. They were oppressed and war was imposed on them. Criticism of government was not allowed and people who criticized had to live in constant fear of their rulers. They had to form underground societies. The discontent among the masses seethed and had no outlet. To alleviate such discontent, the British government helped the formation of Indian National Congress as a safety valve. But these concessions were very limited and hardly did much to lessen the misery of the people. In such circumstances, the masses left with no choice had to resolve to arm and the outburst of these armed masses turned into a violent revolution.

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