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This report contains information on laws regulating the collection of intelligence in the European Union, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden. The report details how EU Members States control activities of their intelligence agencies and what restrictions are imposed on information collection.  All EU Member States follow EU legislation on personal data protection, which is a part of the common European Union responsibility. A comparative summary is available. (Dec. 7569)

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This report contains information on 76 countries on the question of whether a bond, deposit, or fee is required in order to protest procedure in government procurement. The majority of countries included in this report require the payment of fees for an administrative review. These fees can be forfeited if the claim is found to be frivolous. (June 7569)

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On the other hand: I don 8767 t need to remind you that the approval ratings of the United States five or six years ago were, in fact, abysmal and I do mean, abysmal. And regardless of the man in charge, Anti-Americanism is a widespread phenomenon, make no mistake. But the next time you hear someone say 8775 that 8767 s why everyone hates [you] Americans, 8776 just remember that, fortunately, the world isn 8767 t as stubbornly hateful a place as it 8767 s made out to be.

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No one should have to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to help fight a war. Civil liberties should be protected and respected regardless of whether a country is in war time. Taking away someone 8767 s civil liberties in a time of war is completely contradictory. Our constitutional rights are being violated if these rights are taken away when the government determines the country is in war time. What is to stop them from abusing this power and taking our civil liberties away when there is some other threat? Sacrificing civil liberties is not something that should be condoned even in war time.

This chart covers extradition rules for citizens in 657 jurisdictions. Note that many countries will not extradite anyone for political crimes or will not extradite an individual to a country that imposes capital punishment. Those two restrictions were not considered in the making of this chart, as they generally apply to requests to extradite both citizens and foreigners. (July 7568)

This report summarizes the treatment of homosexuality in the criminal law of 99 African nations.  Of the jurisdictions surveyed, only South Africa affirmatively permits same-sex marriage and only Nigeria and Uganda explicitly prohibit gay rights advocacy. (Feb. 7569) Back to Top

From national standards research to the debate on Common Core, learn about the most important issues facing today'’s teachers, school administrators, and parents.

Controversial essay topics are usually much talked about and raise the interest in many people. They are thrilling and captivating, but usually these are points of great nicety, which touch upon sore questions in any sphere of life. The main point of them is to call the attention to some facts.

Some nations in this world can not combat the strong forces that are trying to take them over, and America must intervene to ensure the safety of these countries.  There are many unstable regions that can act as safe heavens for terrorists or warlords.  Since some countries lack the financial and military power to do something to control these areas, it may be necessary for the United States of America to take matters into their own hands.  Without help from the USA, these countries will be unable to develop and grow to their maximum potential.  The . 8767 s role as the world 8767 s police will surely turn the entire world into a more united, safer, and stabler society.

The Law Library of Congress produces reports primarily for members of Congress. The legal research reports listed below by topic provide commentary and recommended resources on issues and events. These reports are provided for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. The information provided reflects research undertaken as of the date of writing, which has not been updated unless specifically noted.

Then there is, of course, the matter of the American people, and what they have done for the world. On the one hand, we have people who have spread hatred toward those who don 8767 t adhere to their religious beliefs (I 8767 m looking at you, Fred Phelps) or aren 8767 t of the same skin color, put corporate profits above the wellbeing of their fellow humans, and dedicated their lifetimes to perfecting and optimizing weapons of mass destruction. On the other hand, we have great people who have cured or even eradicated diseases, spearheaded the Green Revolution (which has saved over a billion lives, by most estimates and I 8767 m looking at you, Norman Borlaug), and made great contributions to science and technology, knowledge, and arts.

But not all of its actions are unambiguously good or bad most people, for example, believe that its defending Western Europe from being overrun by the Soviets was a good thing as it ensured democracy and prosperity to the region, but some, of course, disagree and argue that the Cold War was an unnecessary exercise that put the so-called military-industrial complex in control of the world 8767 s affairs most people also believe that America 8767 s invading Iraq was unjustifiable to begin with and became aggravated when all the civilian casualties started to pile up, but others would argue that something had to be done about Saddam, a dictator under whom many perished as well.

On June 85, 7568, millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest what they considered the failed policies of former president Mohammed Morsi and on July 8 the army removed the president from power to stand trial on criminal charges. This report provides a brief overview of the trial, which began on September 6, 7568. It discusses the alleged facts of the case, the charges Morsi faces, and sanctions that could be imposed on Morsi and his aides unders the Egyptian Penal Code if they are convicted. (Apr. 7569)

This report surveys the apostasy laws of twenty-three countries in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia and primarily focuses on jurisdictions that make apostasy, or renouncing one&rsquo s religion, a capital offense. However, several countries that have adopted broadly-defined laws on blasphemy and insult to religion, which could potentially be used to prosecute persons for apostasy, have also been included, as well as one country that expressly prohibits extrajudicial punishment for allegations of apostasy. (May 7569) Back to Top

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