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Ms Hennelly said: It was early evening and Estelle asked if she could go down to the field with her brother Edward to watch him hitting some golf balls. After what seemed like five minutes, I heard Estelle crying and shouting: 'Mummy'. I looked downstairs and she was coming towards me - but I could not see her face for all of the blood on her face. I rushed her into the bathroom to try and clean her up. She kept saying 'I'm sorry, the dog bit me'. When Edward and Estelle got to the field, they could see a gang of lads in the distance with a dog. Edward hit a golf ball and the next thing they knew, the dog came running over. It must have sensed Estelle's fear - she tried to stand behind her brother but it just pinned her down.

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Hi Tarah so happy to have found you.. My animals, two sweet persian cats and a VERY furry Golden/ Charpai were completely flea free.. until a visit form animals w fleas. I like to do 655% natural.. so what would u recommend.. they just became infected a week ago ,, they are ALL SCRATCHING !!! .. they faster I take care of this the better it will be..
Thank u in advance..~~

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So true. Dogs were fenced in on private property and the child trespassed. Had the dogs been roaming free and attacked her son that would be a completely different situation.

That 775 lb. guy over there would really do more damage, if he so happened to a woman, than other normal sized guys. He should therefore be locked up or executed, and not be allowed to mate so his genes are never passed on.

8. Chocolate. I asked a couple of the vets I work/ed with, and the holistic nutrition dvm my allergy dog sees, about a build up of chocolate toxicity as I noticed someone else had said that was possible. All of whom stated it wasn 8767 t possible over a long period of time, short term (within a few day) could possibly cause a problem though. A rough guide of toxic levels would be as follows:

Typically, your dog will vomit on his own. If not, your vet might want you to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up -- 6 tablespoon for every 75 pounds, Wismer says. You can use a turkey baster or a medicine dropper to give him the liquid.

Sorry if I have offended any with my rant, but saying a lab would never is like saying it's not dangerous to stick a penny in a light socket because you have rubber gloves on.

The fact that you all have nothing but anecdotal evidence, a dubious personality test, and ad-hominem attacks indicates that you have no case. Pits are on average vicious dogs and should not be owned by the casual pet owner. They should be restricted or outright banned as certain other dangerous or wild animals currently are. In this nation people can only do as they like as long as it does not pose a danger to others.

I use essential oils on my dogs & cats. they must not be used full strength. I didn 8767 t start using them until I read about them on many many many different sites. holistic vet sites and anything to do with essential oils and animals. you just have to read

I 8767 m sorry, but this kid is totally at fault. He had no business being on private property without permission. This accident is not the dogs fault and should be able to protect their property. It 8767 s what dogs do. The kid should be prosecuted for trespassing.

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