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George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

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“We’re overall ok with it, I think,” echoes Shams Jorjani, Paradox’s vice president of business development. “Everyone was hoping that it would do better.”

America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny -- NYMag

So perhaps the allure of lawns is in the genes. The sociobiologists think so: they 8767 ve gone so far as to propose a 8775 Savanna Syndrome 8776 to explain our fondness for grass. Encoded in our DNA is a preference for an open grassy landscape resembling the short-grass savannas of Africa on which we evolved and spent our first few million years. This is said to explain why we have remade the wooded landscapes of Europe and North America in the image of East Africa.

An Essay on Criticism

In the 7558 Esquire magazine essay about Richard Drew’s “The Falling Man”, Tom Junod, the award-winning American journalist, wrote: “Some people who look at the picture see stoicism, willpower, a portrait of resignation others see something else… There is something almost rebellious in the man’s posture, as though once faced with the inevitability of death, he decided to get on with it as though he were a missile, a spear, bent on attaining his own end.”

Adam Ferguson: An Essay on the History of Civil Society

The lawn is shrinking, and I 8767 ve hired a neighborhood kid to mow what 8767 s left of it. Any Saturday that Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister or Van Halen isn 8767 t playing the Hartford Civic Center, this large blond teen-aged being is apt to show up with a 98-inch John Deere mower that shears the lawn in less than an hour. It 8767 s $85 a week, but he 8767 s freed me from my dark musings about the lawn and so given me more time in the garden.

After an existence plagued by cancelled projects, it seemed as if Obsidian had finally found in Paradox a publisher who understood them. The two companies worked together back-to-back on both Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny - and when the latter was announced , Wester said they’d “identified a partner whose development and design ideals are a perfect match for our own.”

"“I can play Kerbal Space Program that way, or Cities: Skylines. But if it’s Tyranny, I want to read every single word and savour the words, because I know that the team over at Obsidian put a lot of effort and love into writing those words. I want to make sure that I’m paying it the right kind of respect.”

Olmsted was part of a generation of American landscape designer-reformers who set out at midcentury to beautify the American landscape. That it needed beautification may seem surprising to us today, assuming as we do that the history of the landscape is a story of decline, but few at the time thought otherwise. William Cobbett, visiting from England, was struck at the 8775 out-of-door slovenliness 8776 of American homesteads. Each farmer, he wrote, was content with his 8775 shell of boards, while all around him is as barren as the sea beach 8776 ¦ though there is no English shrub, or flower, which will not grow and flourish here. 8776

The racial aspect of this is also unmissable. When the enemy within is Mexican or Muslim, and your ranks are extremely white, you set up a rubric for a racial conflict. And what&rsquo s truly terrifying about Trump is that he does not seem to shrink from such a prospect he relishes it.

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