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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 19:43

I have my . degree from the school of hard knocks, my red seal ticket earned on my own and in my own way. I learned that the color of my skin doesn 8767 t really mean bugger all but it 8767 s the thckness of it that counts and to me that 8767 s all I need to make my 8775 Metis 8776
Whether I am accepted on that basis is irrelevant and will not keep me up at night.

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I stick out like a pale sore thumb next to my brother and my mum. I just point people to this article now. I got tired of answering questions. Especially if I wasn 8767 t actually my mum 8767 s daughter and from a possible previous marriage my Dad may have had. _ Because that wasn 8767 t insulting at all.

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I wonder if everyone is as sick as I am of the White privilege as I am? Who hasn 8767 t our governments shamed? Natives, Black peoples, White people. All for their own selfish political gain. I find it repulsive. I have always found their horrifying shaming repulsive. Looking back at all the shamming that has gone on and I am sure there have been more I haven 8767 t mentioned. The people they shame today are the peoples whose butts they will kiss tomorrow while shamming yet another of our peoples. Meanwhile there is a great effort to prevent us from knowing who are families are. Thanks!

You’re Métis? So which of your parents is an Indian

Then one day I found out that my family comes from a Metis nation that lived in Saguenay from approx 6675 to 6889. We had an economy, a governement, traditions, a justice system, until the settlers arrived in 6889 and made sure to erase everything related to metis people. Later the government put natives in reserves and that was it.

As I understand it, in the ., the categorization worked like this: If you were on reservation, you were an Indian. Hence, you were not counted on any census. If you were off, you were either (a) black or (b) white. Sometimes, they allow for a 8766 mixed 8767 category of black/white. Usually marked M on the census. There was no recognition of any other group under any circumstances.

If you have access to your parent 8767 s birth certificates, that will give you your grandparents information, and your parents or your aunts or uncles can request your grandparent 8767 s birth certificates too. That will get you back to your great-great grandparents at least. It should be easier then to make the link to Angelique, and find out who else on your father 8767 s side you are related to. Here is a bit more about Louis and Angelique 8767 s children (my family line goes through Samuel Loyer): http:///genealogy/records/louis-loyer_8679657

I still consider all those things important, and I appreciate the fact that the name Louis Riel no longer refers just to  8766 some French guy who the English killed 8767 .  However, the history of my region the history so many Alberta Métis share, is equally as amazing and rich and worth learning about.  Take this photo for example.  Angelique Callihoo was the daughter of Louis Kwarakwante Callihoo , a Mohawk fur trader, and his second wife Marie Patenaude.  Almost every Alberta Métis can tie themselves to Louis Kwarakwante somehow through their family lines ! Louis Divertissant Loyer was the son of Louis Loyer (original, I know) and Louise Genevieve Jasper.

I think perceptions may change as more becomes public through genealogical research, which has become so simple that almost anyone now can determine ancestry pretty far into the past. There was always a tradition of Indian blood in our family, but no evidence that passed to our generation. However recent research has given us names and dates that confirm a French and Onondaga mix that ultimately spawned some of the pioneers who moved west and founded the Red River settlement as well as others who stayed in and near Quebec.

I think some of it is the fact that the whole thing isn 8767 t black and white. Like most things in life, there are lots of shades of grey, and it takes some time to learn about, process, and understand. It 8767 s easier to stick to the preconceptions and prejudices, since they feel much more black and white.

Such a process of blurring boundaries is inherent to a Métis dual worldview. The overall design of the Métis folk house reveals a unique tension between order and informality. As Burley writes,

I appreciate your response to what can sometimes be seen as a challenging question. I am trying not to trigger defensiveness in people because I have seen it rear up in so many situations, and legitimately so!

That 8767 s an important point about the difference between what people thought of themselves versus what other people categorised them as and how those categories have shifted (and become retroactive) over time. We use terms now that were not necessarily in use 8766 then 8767 nor had the same meanings as they now do. It can make historical investigations more confusing if we don 8767 t take this into account, and more complicated if we do try to understand the shifting terms and identities over time.

So there was enormous outside pressure on which 8766 identity 8767 you were able to exercise. If because of that your family became culturally Métis (or culturally First Nations, which also happened after Bill C-86), then do you stick with the 8766 old 8767 or the 8766 new 8767 identity when given the choice?

hey homie great article. You have a very welcoming writing style (far more so than mine!). If you are interested, I have some stuff around 8766 peoplehood 8767 that pushes the 8766 big M 8767 Metis discussion a bit farther than I think it has been having said that, You seem to have a pretty good handle on these issues already

My daughters have gotten used to having kids at school tell them they aren 8767 t Metis because they don 8767 t 8766 look it 8767 . As though the people making these declarations have a clue.

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