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The back to back converter - control and design

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IC and MEMS micro fabrication overview, Introduction to process modules and CMOS process flow, Overview of semiconductor materials and devices, Crystal growth and silicon wafers, Front end proesses: Cleaning, Thermal oxidation, Ion implantation, Diffusion, Lithography, Thin film deposition and Etching, Back end processes: Metallization and Planarization, Layout design rules, Process integration, MEMS structures and fabrication techniques.

Time-resolved electron transport with quantum trajectories

Introduction to materials and their classification, Atomic bonding and Crystal Structures, Imperfections and strengthening mechanisms, Diffusion – steady and nonsteady state, Corrosion and degradation of materials, Properties and applications: Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Magnetic, Electronic, Biological, Chemical. These topics will be interspersed with several case studies and in-class experiments/demonstrations.

Finding a roadmap to achieve large neuromorphic hardware

ARM architecture Instruction set and programming the ARM interfacing ADCs and DACs parallel I/O, serial I/O protocols (SPI, I7C, USB etc.) Advanced Microcontroller bus architecture (AMBA) Software design, Development tools real-time concepts.

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Modes of thought, Heuristics and biases: Modes of thought (intuitive and deliberative), heuristics (anchoring and availability, representativeness), Biases (Framing effects, mental accounting), taming intuitive heuristics, self-regulation in the brain, The positive side of heuristic decision making.

Permanent Magnet Brushless . Motors - Fundamental equations EMF and Torque equations Torque speed characteristics Rotor position sensing Sensorless motors Motion control.

Single Degree-of-Freedom Systems Multi Degree-of-Freedom Systems Modal Analysis Numerical Methods Seismology, Earthquake Dynamics Nonlinearity Structural Design Approaches, Displacement Prediction Damage Measures Capacity Design Reinforced Concrete Structures Steel Structures.

Practical Exercises
6. Surveying using Total Station and data interpretation
7. Surveying using Kinematic GPS and data interpretation
8. GIS exercises
9. Basin Delineation using DEM data
5. Analyzing the effect of different projections on the map data

Introduction: Course outline, relevance to modern engineering activities in everyday life and in technology Structured fluids and their flow characteristics including non-Newtonian features and their measurement in simple shear, oscillatory shear and elongation flow Constitutive equations Conservation equations (Mass, Momentum, Energy) Simple model flows with and without heat transfer Melting and mixing of polymers Polymer forming processes – extrusion, calendaring, coating, fiber spinning.

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